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Maritime logistics is a branch of logistics that uses sea transport to transport large volumes of goods and cargo. It has its own characteristics and advantages:

Large volumes of cargo: Maritime logistics is ideal for large consignments of cargo, such as raw materials, containers, and large-scale projects.

Availability of deep seaports: For cargoes that require deep water ports for unloading.

Long distances: Sea logistics is effective for international shipments and long-distance deliveries.

Large terminals and ports: There is a need for equipment for unloading and storing large cargo.

This type of transport logistics is usually more profitable for the transportation of large loads and large volumes of goods.
It includes the ability to transport large volumes of cargo over long distances.
Sea transportation is used by companies operating in the global market, as this type of transportation is the most affordable for them.
Another extremely important factor in using this mode of transportation is the low environmental impact compared to other modes of transportation, maritime logistics has the least environmental impact.

Who uses sea logistics?

  • International manufacturers: For transportation of large volumes of raw materials and finished products between countries.
  • Shipbuilding companies: To transport large ships and equipment to international markets.
  • Specialized exporters: Companies selling goods that require large containers or specialized volumes.
  • Agricultural enterprises: For exporting agricultural products to global markets.
  • Global retailers: To ensure the supply of large volumes of goods to different regions of the world.
  • Maritime logistics is important for global trade cooperation and the movement of large volumes of goods between countries.

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