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Air logistics is a mode of transportation that uses airplanes to move goods and cargo. It has its own characteristics and advantages:

Speed: Air freight is the fastest means of delivery, allowing you to quickly deliver goods even over long distances.

Global reach: Aircraft are capable of flying between countries and continents, making air logistics ideal for international deliveries.

Low losses: The ability to control the temperature and humidity of the cargo helps reduce the risk of damage.

The ability to transport vulnerable goods: Air transportation is suitable for goods that require special storage conditions, such as pharmaceuticals or electronics.

Among the advantages of this type of logistics are the following: speed of delivery, wide possibilities of international deliveries, significant reduction of storage risk, and accuracy of cargo delivery.
The fastest delivery method is considered to be the main advantage, which is especially important for perishable goods and emergency deliveries.
This type of transportation logistics is ideal for international deliveries and the global market.
The ability to deliver goods quickly also plays an important role, which in turn helps to reduce storage costs.

Who uses air logistics?

  • Customers selling goods where fast delivery is critical, such as flowers, fresh food, and pharmaceuticals.
  • International companies: Firms that have a global presence and need international deliveries.
  • Manufacturers of electronics and high-tech goods: For shipments that require special temperature and humidity control.
  • Express services: Companies that specialize in fast delivery, such as courier services.
  • Humanitarian organizations: For fast delivery of humanitarian aid.

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