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Road logistics is an important branch of logistics that uses roads to move goods and cargo from a supplier to a destination. It has its own characteristics and advantages:

Flexibility of routes: Road routes are often more flexible, allowing goods to be delivered to even remote locations that may be difficult to reach by other modes of transportation.

Utilization for short distances: Road transport is ideal for short distances and local deliveries.

Low delivery costs: Compared to other modes of transportation, road transportation can be more cost-effective for short distances.

The ability to combine modes of transport: Road transport can be easily combined with other modes of transport, allowing for the creation of complex logistics chains.

Delivery speed: Road transportation can be faster for deliveries over short distances or in areas with developed road infrastructure.

The advantages of road logistics include flexibility, low maintenance costs, wide access, high load capacity, simplified layout and loading, and constant availability.
Road logistics allows you to quickly respond to changes in plans and ensure delivery when needed.
Roads are already part of the infrastructure and are available in almost any location, which reduces maintenance costs and facilitates delivery to different regions and locations.
Vehicles can carry large volumes of goods, making them ideal for larger shipments, and transportation often simplifies the unloading and loading processes due to the availability of modern equipment and infrastructure.

Who uses road logistics?

  • Customers who use road logistics can be diverse, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, e-commerce, humanitarian organizations, online retailers, and even private individuals transporting goods.
  • Road logistics provides the ability to deliver goods over short and long distances, making it an important element of the modern logistics system.

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